The Collective speaks about diet.

Channeled 1/19/2020

To understand this concept, one must understand the physical being that you exist in.  The physical being that you exist in (and this is information for your higher self and your energetic being), the physical being that you reside in, has certain requirements.  As the physical being becomes in tune with the energetic being, there will be a communication point that takes place as what is needed, and what is not needed.  Dietary shifts do take place.  If a portion of your life has been eating meat, animals, and at some point you make the decision not to, so be it.  But listen to your body.  Listen to the physical body that is connected to the energetic being and it will guide you on what is to be consumed.

There is a communication that is taking place all the time.  It never stops.  But it is until you tune in to this conversation that you will understand what the physical being actually needs.  There is a disconnection in many physical beings between the heart and the mind. And there is a lot of override of the heart and the mind.  The mind takes over when the heart says it should do something.  It is a question mark.  A point in time that is a decision point.  But again, as we have discussed, that is free will.  It is your decision to make.  No one else’s.  But, yes.  There isn’t one specific dietary platform that you should be consuming.  It is what the physical body needs in order to power itself.  Listen to it.  It will speak to you.  It will guide you.  Allow that communication to take place.