A Message from the Collective about Who We Are & Why We’re Here, channeled 12/22/19

A Message from the Collective during this Christmas season: “You look upon this particular time of this particular cycle of your planet in a way that is only looked upon here. As you close out the cycle on your planet, you may be remembering it because of an individual or because of an energetic being (Jesus). But what must be understood is that each and every one of you is a powerful energetic being, full of the love, knowing of all that is and all that ever will be. You came to this planet with all this information. You are part of the divine. You are a seed of the divine. You have been placed into the physical being for its existence here. It is your purpose, if you so choose, to allow that information to come forth, to open yourself up to the existence that you are a divine being and you hold all of the knowledge. So during this particular point of your planet’s cycle in time, we ask that you gather around others and you share this information, you pass on this information, you pass on the energy, you pass on the love that you are. The true essence of who you are is but love, and it is to be shared with all those that exist on this planet, whether they understand or not…whether they are with you on this path or not…it is your path to be in the love of who you are and all those that surround you. As you move into the next cycle of your planet, there will be new existences that will be coming along. Many things that may distract you, but always remember…you ARE a diving being. You ARE love! And it is your purpose to surround yourself with others and share that information and share that love. That is the message we want to provide to you…now….and into the future!”