A message from The Collective on whats in store for 2020, channeled on 1/19/20

Understand that your cycle of existence has progressed one additional level.  All the beings on this planet are experiencing things that they have not experienced in their past.  There has been an energy shift, as you would call it.  This is a natural course of action for this planet.  It is an evolutionary process for this planet and all beings on it.  The energy that envelops this planet is infused in this planet. [It] is ascending and rising through all things on this planet.  Not just the physical beings, but all things on this planet.  All items.  The space that you are in. The vehicles that brought you here.  Everything.  Its vibration is all increasing.   



You are tied directly to this connection.  To this vibration. This energy.  Your energetic being is tied directly to it.  But what you must understand is that the physical being has to go through an acceptance and an understanding that this is a change that is taking place within the physical being.  When you begin to sense these changes, allow them to envelop you.  Allow them to change you.  Do not question them in the way you have questioned other energy shifts.  Understand that the energy shift that is taking place right now on your planet is just that… as you have called it… an ascension point.  You are raising your vibration in a way that you don’t quite understand.  But from our perspective– our view– everything is on track.    


Each individual of this planet has moved one course up.  This is a point of change.  It happens.  It happens frequently on this planet.  That is how this planet will change for its future.  As each individual changes this one course up, it not only affects the energetic being that is inside of you, it affects the physical being on a level that you will not understand.   


There has been made mention of a DNA shift.  Yes.  That is a portion of what is taking place, but the physical being is changing.  You are becoming more aware of the energies around you.  Not only the energetic beings that are around you, but all physical things that are around you.  You may have a sense of a connection to a physical item that is in your presence.  It is because its energy is changing just along with yours.  You are connecting to it.  Once you become attuned to it -this frequency change, this energetic level up- you will have a greater understanding of what the future holds.  Because within that energy that is shifting, is the knowledge of what will propel you into the year to come.  Allow this energy to settle with you.  Become attuned to it.  Allow it to be you, and surround yourself with others that are on this similar path.  Help and guide and assist each other along the way.  That is the true nature of all energetic beings.