A message from The Collective about time:

“As a human species, you continually seek, what is the meaning of time, why time exists and why you cannot manipulate time. Time is something that transcends everything that you understand. The reason that you are here on this planet is to have a perspective from what you have already known about time. Before coming to this planet, you understood what time is. It is here, it is there, it is existing everywhere…in every space, and every time, every thing. It vibrates just along with everything else that vibrates here on this planet. But you are unaware of it. Once you came here, and exist in this form, time takes a different perspective. It is something that you watch and manage your life with, but if you were to open yourself up to the way you understood time before coming to this place, this space here, you would be able to stop that time and move within it…move back, forward, up, down and find different places within that moment that you are at. There is a greater information within time, as you can go back and pull knowledge forward, go into the future, pull it to the current. This to us (the Collective) is, as you say, humorous, because we watch how you manage your time. You watch the time go by. You wish you could have more time. And we, from our perspective, have that time and don’t understand how you cannot go into that time and be within that time. It is not to say stopping time, but interweaving yourself within, as you would say, a second. That second has time within it, and that time within it, and again, time within that. It goes and goes, so there is no time line, there is no time existence. It’s merely one. This is a difficult concept to understand at times, but realize that it is all existence, all at the time that you look at what you perceive as a moment on a clock. If you could peer within that moment, everything exists there, at that moment. And again, at the next moment. So, yes, we find this humorous. Though, at time, as you perceive it, we would like to come into your space and pull you through into our time and space to allow you to experience what it’s like to manage time where it doesn’t exist.” Channeled 1/19/19