Another message from The Collective about Time, channeled 1/28/19

“Now, in existence, is difficult for you to understand, because now in existence doesn’t exist. Now is now. Now is a timeline for you to look into, but it is everything and nothing. Look into it and you would see a void, but yet there are multiple timelines, there are multiple places to be. Think of this as a deep well of existence with, as you would say, spider webs interlinking everything, every brick, every thing across from each other. In each brick is a different timeline, but you go from spider web to spider web, from brick to brick. Each one is an existence, but you’re looking down, and they all exist now and yet they don’t exist because you’re not in that brick. Until you arrive at that brick. Once you get to that brick, it is then now. Now, everything else doesn’t exist, until you move to the next brick.”