A message from the Collective for humanity as we embark on this new year, channeled 1/5/19:

“The planet from which you reside and we observe has shifted, one time-place you would call a year. This is progress but yet there is still many things that have to take place in order for full energy shift to take place. Some here have been experiencing this energy in different forms and different fashions – while they sleep, while they walk, while they work, while they entertain. Understand that the energy is growing, all amongst us. And you are beginning to become aware of this transformation that is taking place upon your planet. We come to you individually; we come to you as a collective. Understand that each of you will experience things in different ways throughout this time. This next cycle of time – as you would call it, a year – is going to hold many great things for this planet, for yourself, and for those around you. As you become more aware of the energy that is around you, you will become a beacon, become a light beacon for others that are seeking knowledge and information. Allow yourself to slow to the point at which you can bring in those that are seeking and provide information in a way that they can understand. This may be in the form of teachings; this also may be in the form of experiences in everything that you do, everything that takes place in your life. There are many educational points that you are looking for. Understand that each of these are a perspective in time, a perspective in space, a perspective in energy. Take those things that you are learning and understanding and know that if it does not make sense or fit within your energy stream, it is not time for you to fully understand it. This is ok. This is part of the growth process. This is part of the evolution of energy here on this planet. Continue to seek the knowledge of others, as some may come to you and seek knowledge from you.”