As I roll into 2019 I can no longer put off the fact that my life has completely changed over the last several years. During this time, my life’s purpose has been revealed to me in so many ways! Don’t worry I’m the same guy you’ve always known, I just have a different perspective on life and what’s possible.

You see, what has been revealed to me is that I am (we all are) interconnected to a greater web of consciousness. I’ve also learned that I’m able to receive information from this web of consciousness in many different ways; Psychically, through Mediumship and through Channeled Messages.

I will be posting Channeled Messages from the Collective from channeled sessions that have taken place over the past year and will continue in the months to come. My hope is that the messages resonate with you as they have with so many other already.

Ultimately I’m ever so blessed to be experiencing this in my life, along with helping others awaken to the reality that they, too, can receive information from this web of consciousness.