The Collective talks about whether microwaves are bad for our health (which generalizes into other so-called “bad” technology).

Channeled 1/19/2020

This device that you speak of.  You have to understand that, as with all things on this planet, it has been brought forth for a particular reason.  Just as the automobile that you have driven to get to this place does have its purpose, but it also does have a negative effect.  So, yes.  The device-the microwave that you speak of-does have a particular purpose and it does have an effect.  But what you have to understand is how it has an effect on you, the individual.  Again, it comes to the point at which you are in tune with your connection point, with your energetic being.  The communication point must be made.  Begin to listen to this communication.

If you are at a point at which you have an understanding that it is having an effect on you, then eliminate it from your space.  But if you do not feel as if it is having an effect on you, then it may not.  It is a point and time for you and your space.  Again, it all comes down to what you have planned.  Your purpose.  Your existence.  Your being.  Here on this planet.

Many things in your existence have the same outcomes.  If you so desire it, it will be.  If you infuse it with a negative thought, it will be.  If you believe the microwave is having harm on you, then it might be.  There are, yes, issues with all items on this planet that have been made by the physical beings on this planet.  There are consequences to all things that have been physically made on this planet.  But if you consume yourself with the idea that they are harmful to you, then you are opening yourself up to the idea, and the function, that they are going to do harm.  Understand that it is all a matter of perspective of how you witness and understand things that you interact with each day.