A message from The Collective for those who struggle with difficult relationships, channeled on 1/26/19

There is a greater message in all things that take place. It doesn’t matter who it is, but understand that with all lessons, with all things that take place in the human form, there’s a greater lesson of love within each one of them. Sometimes the, as you would say, hurt, is extremely strong, but if there is a way to look beyond that and see that, through that, there is actual love, this is the true essence of what these agreements are. We make agreements before we are brought to this planet, with the understanding to open oneself, open one’s soul, open one’s energy to the greater peace that actually resides in. There are many things that will test this, test these things, put questions in place, but understand that truly, there is only love, there’s a vibration that comes through. Be at peace with this and understand that this is something that can still take place. Find the messages within, look beyond it and forgive. Forgive all those that may have stepped in your path that have made agreements with you, and forgiving….once forgiving has taken place, this is where the energetic connection to the feeling of love actually sets forth. It will be difficult at first, but understand that it is something that will build over time.