The Collective answers the question, “Do we give ourselves spiritual gifts when we create our pre-birth plan?” channeled 1/19/19

“There are two answers to the question that you are seeking. One is, yes, there are some agreements to which spiritual gifts may be presented throughout one’s life period here on this planet. But the other is that the memory, the energy that existed from the collective and takes form here, on this planet, has memory of these things. And it is only through deep seeking and remembrance of who they are and where they’ve come from is that some of this is revealed. So, it can be either/or, or a combination of these things. One is the memory and two is the agreement. If this is the case, then yes, it is easier for some. For those that it is just an agreement, it is at times difficult, but once they find their path, their understanding of themselves, and they seek those that have counsel, they too, then can grow within these gifts, as you call them. For those that have memories of these things that existed in the energy plane, they then will, as well, come forward through times of remembrance, times of spiritual seeking here on this planet.”