A message from The Collective about Spirit Guides channeled 11/10/18:

Understand that each and every one of you have a collective of Beings that surround you at all times and have surrounded you. Spirit guides are ones that hold the knowledge of past that transcends time and is bringing that energy and that knowledge from beyond. They hold this energy. They provide knowledge when you are seeking. Some of these ascended masters may take a name; they may take a particular physical form that you may seek or see, but understand that they are always with you. If you call upon them, they will be there for answers. Others that surround you as far as passed loved ones, they also have been there in energy form. These loved ones may have been loved ones that have passed before you have been brought here, but they know that you exist and want to surround you with their love and their peace. They too can bring forth information. They can bring forth love and joy of understanding that they are in your presence. Also understand that there are greater sources of energy that reside around each and every one of you. It may not make its presence known until you are ready, but it is there. Some of you also may have experienced other forms, other shapes of a Being. These may be of an understanding that does not take physical form here on this planet or known to you as an ascended master or passed loved one, but it also may be someone or something that has come to you from …this may be another planet, another universe, another time. Again this all has to take place within time. As you may not understand, energy transfers across different planes of time at any particular period that you exist. As you bring your energy into existence and bring your energy level up, the pathway to these Beings is opened up and you then can bring forth this information and knowledge.