A message from the Collective for Seekers and how to connect: Channeled 12/2/18

“Open one’s mind to everything that’s possible. Clear out those things that distract you from everyday existence. There are things that you sense that are there, right in front of you. Those things that are right around you, every day. But there are distractions of the current life, the current things that are happening in the existence of now. Become familiar with putting aside the things that you currently understand and open yourself up to the void that is, the energy that is there, the void that is in front of you. Don’t be distracted by the noise that is around you, the noise that is around everything. There’s quiet within. There’s quiet within the deepness of one’s soul, of one’s Being. Seek deep within you. The energy that has played out within one’s heart, within one’s mind, is where you will seek and you will find this connection to those that you seek, those that seek connection with you. Allow there to be a stillness within one’s self. This stillness is where you will seek the ultimate peace and the ultimate comfort, the ultimate joy. This is where the conversation will begin. The conversation with those that you seek information, your spirit guides, your Higher Self, and others that are around you. Everyone that is here today, as they sit here today, there are many spirits, many energies, many guides, many loved ones that have passed, that are willing to provide you information, but it is the stillness within that you have to seek. This stillness is the most difficult thing for the human to experience. There is noise; there is noise in everything that you do. Find stillness in your mind and in your heart, and connect the two. When this connection is made, there is nothing more to experience, other than the expanse of the quietness that is there. And this is where conversation begins. This is where connection begins. This is where all the answers that one seeks reside.”