A Message from the Collective about how to reconcile these channeled messages with Christianity, channeled 1/26/19

“What you hear and the words that are spoken, that you listen to from the Collective or the preachings and the words that you hear when you’re in sermon, understand that they all have derived from the true Source, the true Spirit, the true creator. They were brought here in true vibrational form, and they have been interpreted over time, through many, many people, and many, many paths. These truths hold many blessings within them, but they also hold a high vibration. Listen for the words as they vibrate with your heart and your being and your soul. Know that it is the truth that is spoken. It doesn’t matter who this is that is speaking these words, as long as they are in their space that is of the highest vibration. They all hold the true meaning, the true meaning that the Spirit brought down to this planet. The teachings come in many forms – they come in parables, they come in other teachings from other Ascended Masters, others that have been alongside the true essence of the energy that was first brought here to this planet. Understand that interpretation has taken place over many, many, many years, but it is still the true teachings of that original Source energy that came to this planet. It is this energy that will vibrate within you and around you when you hear these words, you read these words, and understand these words. There are many that may not think that certain things that are said within the confines of a building or outside of a building may resonate with them, but if it is coming from the true Source, it is still the true Source that brings them the energy to speak these words. As William sits here today, he is speaking this truth, this vibration, this understanding from the Collective that brings these messages forward. Very similarly, are these messages brought forth through sermons. It is the same vibration that is then broadcast through words amongst many that are listening.”