The Collective speaks about Pre-Birth Plans, channeled 1/19/19

“Pre-birth plans, as you call them, are something that, yes, exist before this existence in this human form. These are things and actions that are, as you would say, scripted before entry to this planet, being brought to this planet. There are agreements that are made amongst other energies, amongst other energy beings that will be brought forth, as well. There are agreements with those that you may interact with daily. There are interactions that you’ve made agreements with for those that you may not come in contact with until later stages, later cycles of the life that is here. But understand this is all scripted. This is all pre-planned, as you say it. There is coordination amongst all energies. So it is as if to feel that there are plans that have been made before you have come to this planet, know indeed, these plans have been made. There are those that have come here, and you’ve made this plan, this agreement with…to come to this planet, to be with you and create chaos in your life, create possible harm in your life, discomfort in your life. But, as those have made agreements, others have made agreements to come into your life and provide love and joy and knowledge and peace. So, there is both, as you would look at it, you would put words to it as good and bad, but in reality, there truly isn’t good or bad – there’s only one. So if you take the perspective that there’s only one and these agreements have been made prior to coming to this place, this planet, you then, can have a different perspective on the life that you have lived, are living, and will live until you pass from this place and reside back into the greater collective of energy.”