A message from The Collective about Politics channeled 1/19/19:

As you call it, chaos, within your nation that you reside, understand that, at times, within certain periods, certain cycles of existence, there has to be, as you call it, chaos. This chaos is necessary for change to take place. But the overall message that has to be given and for those to understand, is again, as described before, everything is a mere perspective in one’s place and time here on this planet. So, for one to perceive that these things are chaotic and these things exist, and there are good and evil, as you say, is merely a perspective of what you have within you…exists around you…your space, your space of existence. Shifting focus away from this, you will then begin to understand that there are things that are necessary to take place, here, for change. This is not only in your nation, but around this planet, as well. Step aside from these perspectives that you have, and you will also understand that there are these, what you say, chaos taking place all around this planet. But you are choosing to focus here, directly in front of you and not choosing to look beyond. These things exist all over. The existence of chaos is merely a process. Again, as we have talked about earlier, there are plans that have been made prior to coming to this planet. So, again, this is all something that takes place in an agreement. So if you take the perspective that it is chaos and it is in front of you and you have to witness it, then yes, in your life, there will be turmoil. But if you step aside, look at it from outside that perspective, you will understand there’s a greater whole in everything that is taking place. These are agreements that are taking place that are made amongst all humans here on this planet. Yes, it is disturbing for those that are witnessing it. Some don’t understand why certain individuals are brought into power or have lack of power or do certain things the way they do, but understand that these are agreements that have been taking place. If you take the perspective that this is a normal process for this planet to go through, and you can step aside from the – as you have – the emotion of anger or fear, walk away from it, put it aside, and understand that all on the other side of this particular process will be a greater good. The greater good will, again, take a different perspective for each person, but there is a greater good to be had, here on this planet. We have been here amongst you, helping this process. Yes, we do create chaos at times, but it is necessary in order to make the change to a higher place, to a higher plane, as you would say. There are vibrational changes taking place all around the planet, raising this vibration, putting it into perspective for others to understand. The collective is growing here on this planet. Understand that politics are a mere process. Politics, as you perceive them, have to happen, but they don’t have to affect your physical space. Your physical space is your existence. Look at the greater whole of things around you, the humanity around the world, and you will understand that you are merely just a piece, a small piece of it all. And if you raise your consciousness, your vibration, and you change your perspective of the things that are here in front of you, then so others will begin to change around you. But if you remain within this space that exists now, of fear and hatred, than so too others will change, as well, into this fear and hatred. This is not the vibration that is purposeful for change here on this planet. We are doing what we can while we exist here on this planet, but it also takes the human form to raise the vibration, to raise the consciousness. It is happening. You are seeing it. Be aware of it. Step aside of what you currently understand and move aside of it. Walk beside it for a while and understand that old space no longer needs to exist…that the new space that you are currently in is the one that IS of the highest and will BE for change.