A message from The Collective about Parallel Lives, channeled 1/28/19

But understand that most everyone here, except for a few, lead parallel existences in other locations, as well as here on this planet. So there are those that have existences with, as you would say, extraterrestrials here on this planet. They have that parallel life, as well as others that have existences on other planets, other systems. They have the ability, then, to tap into this if they are open, be able to bring forth this information from these higher Beings, and live within this, as you would say, parallel life. They’re not there to upset or move the individual but to provide guidance in certain aspects of their life, as other Beings provide guidance to their lives, as everything is energy – everything is energy. Everything can move from energy to energy and existence to existence. So if you open yourselves to the knowing and the understanding that everything is of existence through energy, then merely what you exist in here doesn’t exist. You are just here, with your energy being in place within the human form, but yet it also exists at another location. There is some information that can be transferred back and forth. You do this through the means of dreaming. You open yourself up to allow your information to flow freely out. Your energy, thoughts, all move out and then are part of the larger collective of energy, and they go anywhere they feel and then are received by that particular parallel life.