The Collective discusses meat-eating vs vegan lifestyles.

Channeled 1/19/2020

Understand this:  You have a particular path that you are on.  If in that path, you have chosen not to eat animals, then that is the path that you are on.  That is the decision point.  That is the free will that you have chosen.  But, to have a greater perspective of understanding, is… This planet, and all of its existence, throughout all time, there have been many animals on this planet.  They have been brought to this place– this planet.  And yes.  They are there to be consumed, if so chosen.  It is the same choice–whether you eat the apple, or you eat the sandwich.  Make the decision.  If it is what resonates with you, then so be it.  Allow that energy stream to take effect in your being.  You are being energetically guided to live in that existence.  It is your free will to do this.  If it is making a direct connection point to your higher self and your energetic being, then that is what you have decided to do in the program at that particular point.

There is no harm.  There is no judgement.  Whether there is an animal that is consumed, or not.   They are here for a purpose.  Understand that it is a decision point for each individual, because it is what they have chosen to do on their path.  And their existence here on this planet.  It should not be looked down upon, or frowned upon, for those that do.  Similarly, those that do consume animals should not look upon, or frown upon, those that do not.  That is not the existence that you are here for.  You are here to coexist as an energetic body of one.  That is why you are here.  There are differences between the energetic bodies that are here.  It is the plan that you have put in place.  Do not allow those small differences to get in the way.  That is the disconnection point among many that are ascending.  They don’t understand each other’s decision points.  There isn’t to be an understanding.  The understanding should be that each and every one of you are an energetic being and you should be connected through that energetic connection.  That is what we want you to understand.