A message from The Collective about finding and attracting a loving partner, channeled 1/19/19:

Find the peace within yourself; grow within that peace. Become all that you can within that peace of understanding, of love. As that begins to grow, this will then become the beacon for which the one that is attracted to it will then come. To go out and seek may be difficult, but understand that it is of you and your energy, your vibration, your love, and what it looks like to others, as to what it will draw in. Walk with this understanding and you, then, will begin to be open to those that are coming within your space, your circle, your energy. At the moment the one that is, as you would say, the “right” one exists, there’ll be a harmony, there will be an existence of vibration that you cannot deny exists. Also understand, as was previously discussed, there are agreements that are made prior to coming to this planet. This may be an agreement where you are not to be partnered with someone but to live your existence as your highest….your highest vibration, your highest love, as to grow others around you. There are other agreements that are made that, yes, you will have a loving partner to be with. But again, understand that all of this has been agreed upon prior to being in existence here on this planet. This is information that may be difficult to understand and live with, but it is…that is the truth.