How can somebody tell if it’s time to just leave everything behind and take a leap of faith to what their spirit is calling them to do?

Channeled 1/19/2020


To understand the answer to this question, it is just that- a question.  Are you ready?  You must find the point within yourself; that the connection point, and the communication, and the vibration, are all in alignment.    Ask yourself.  “Are you ready”?  If you are so choosing to leave your current existence behind, and seek out another path… Are you ready?  Verify that through your communication, your vibration, and your existence between your higher self (your energetic self) and your physical self are all in alignment.   


What you have to understand is, yes, you have made an agreement along this path to make this decision point.  And it is free will to do this.  But if either or any of those are out of alignment, the trajectory can be completely different than what you have already planned.  That is not to say that it is going to throw you off your path.  It will not throw you off your path.    But it will be much more difficult to find the center of your path over the course of that new existence.  If all is in alignment- if all energetic alignment is there- you will remain down the center of your path.  And what you have manifested for yourself for that future will be easily achieved. 


But again, it is a decision point solely for yourself.  Are you ready?  If you are in alignment, the universe is going to unfold in front of you.  And it will be bigger than you perceive at this point.  This time.  This existence in front of you now.  It will be beyond comprehension.  Have this as the understanding.  And.  Are you ready?