Message from The Collective on Healing & Health, channeled 10/2/18

Spend time in quiet. Spend time in seeking. You will find things that have brought you joy in the past that will again bring you joy. And within this personal and spiritual seeking, you will find healing and oneness. Within the healing and oneness that you find, you will also begin to sense physical healing within each other over time. And there are many things that the human form has brought here to learn from and some of these things manifest within human form, but that is just in the path that the human form has to endure. One can dwell on the human anguish and the human pain and suffering that one is going through, but this only leads to the lack of knowing what is actually guiding oneself. Pain is only something to filter out the light that is there. If one can grow in light, the inner light that one has and will always have, allow it to shine and bring forward the happiness that it provides, pain and anguish, hate and anger will all but naturally fall away. It will be easily removed and not felt.