The Collective speaks about how to handle what appears to be a chaotic world.

Channeled 1/19/2020

What you have to understand, is that what you are experiencing (and you are witnessing across your planet), is a natural course. A natural cycle of time for your planet.

You have to understand that your planet is an intelligent planet.  It understands when there is chaos.  It understands when there is destruction.  It understands how to repair itself.  But what you must understand, is what you are witnessing, that is taking place in other locations around your planet, are mere distractions for your goal…your progress down the path of existence on this higher energetic plane. Do not allow the things that you witness through your media, through any source that gives you information that you want to understand (the chaos is merely a distraction for you), to steer you off your path.  Your path of existence.  Your path of your energy raising up.  Allow yourself the understanding that you have all of the information–all of the knowledge– that is to be in front of you. Understand that when you were brought to this planet, the energetic being that was brought into the physical being as you were an infant, came to this planet with all the information that is needed for existence here and beyond.  But you, the physical being, has put a thumb on it, by what you read and by what you watch.  By what you listen to.  These are mere distractions from you -the physical being connecting to the energetic being that guides and assists you.

Understand that the chaos that you see and you witness has been going on and on and on, on this planet.  That is its cycle.  But also remember, the planet is intelligent.  It will repair itself.  It can handle anything that is put in front of it.

Very similarly, your physical being can repair itself.  It can handle anything that is put in front of it.  The energetic being is what is the engine that guides all of that.  When you have distractions that pull you away from the connection point to your energetic being, that is where the issues come in.    But when you are attuned to your energetic being, there are many things the physical body can withstand and repair itself from.  That is not to say that because you are a physical being on a physical planet, that you should not seek the guidance of those that are wise.  But you have the understanding how to repair yourself.  The guidance is within you.  Do not be distracted.  That is the message that we want to put forth to you.  Do not be distracted off of your path.  Off of the existence that there is the energetic being inside of you.