Message from The Collective, channeled 11/23/18

“It is asked of the Collective that each and every one of you maintain the energy that resides within you and grow and strengthen that energy and become one with the energy that is there within you. Gather frequently to enhance this energy. Bring this energy to the world and allow it to enlighten others that are around you and within your path. Those that seek information from you, allow them to come closer to you. Allow the energy to grow amongst those that are seeking. And allow the knowledge that you provide them, allow them to understand and seek more and allow their energy to grow because of it. There are many that are seeking. Yes, there are those that are looking and seeking for more information and understanding from those that are here. Know that the information that is being provided to you from those that are here and from this Collective that is speaking, know that this is the Truth and those that are around you hold that Truth. Seek those, seek those that you are comforted by and allow them to grow with you. As this light grows, and this energy grows, it becomes stronger and it is spread throughout this place and throughout this planet for a greater understanding that is coming…coming to this planet.”