The Collective speaks about free will as it relates to one’s pre-birth plan.

Channeled 1/19/2020

To have the understanding of your concept of “free will,” is one to understand that as you- the physical being that exists here- has the ability to connect with the energetic being that is your engine, your guidance system.  And you have the choice NOT to connect with it.  You have the choice to connect with the individual that sits next to you.  To the left of you.  That is entirely up to you.  And yes, this was what you chose to do.  Look at it as an assignment list.  When you decided to come to this planet, you looked at the list of activities that were taking place on the planet, and you said, “Yes! I want to do this!  I want to experience this, this, this.  Eat that.  And do this!  Because I don’t have this ability now.  I want to experience this.”

So, yes, free will (as you call it), is something that this planet has.  You have the ability to make decisions each day…how you choose to allow it to affect you.  Or not.  How you choose it to affect someone else.  But that is what you decided to take on when you arrived to this planet.  And, as you talk about pre-birth plans.  Yes, you have made an assignment to come to this planet.  You knew all aspects of this planet.  You understood what you came here to do.  You understood every aspect of this existence.  From one end, to the other.   But at some point, it does get switched off.  That is part of the program.  That is part of what you have an understanding of.  I won’t say it is exactly as if it is turned off.  Some remain connected all their lives to this existence and this knowing.  Others, it is turned way down.  And yes, for some, it is turned off.  And at some point, it may be switched back on, turned back up.  And you will have a greater sense of knowing the connection that you have, energetically, beyond this planet.

So, what we want you to understand is enjoy your time while you are here on this planet.  It is the existence that you have now.  There are so many things to understand about this planet.  The good.  The bad.  But it is all part of your existence here.  Enjoy it!  Envelope yourself in it.  Do not question it.  And go out and just enjoy all aspects of this planet.