The Collective provides a different perspective on how to find a loving partner.

Channeled 1/19/2020

What you are asking is…

How does one energetic being interact with another energetic being on the physical plane here on this planet in a manner by which they are then intertwined? What you have to understand is that if you remain at a particular frequency, a particular vibration, that is the vibration that is going to come back to you.   Seek a higher vibration then you are in.  Raise your vibration up, your frequency.  Vibrate much higher than where you are at, at this particular moment, and your entire perspective of who you are around will begin to shift.  Those that do not want to remain in that frequency will fall away.  Others will then be replaced in a higher frequency around you.  And at a particular point, of the choosing that you have already played out on your program, those frequencies will match.  And those will be the individuals that you will want to intertwine with.  So, allow your frequencies to shift and change as they will.  But if you are seeking those that you want to be with, shift it in a way that it will be positive and understand that you have already determined when that connection point will be made.

So if your vibration is still at a low point–and you feel as if you have not met the right one– that is probably because your program has you interacting with a higher frequency individual and you are not there yet.  So, allow your frequency to raise up.  Allow it to be the fullest it can be.   And allow your light to shine beyond all comprehension, and others will be gathered around you.