Message from The Collective to those who had a difficult relationship with a now deceased family member, channeled 1/26/19

“Understand, the place that I reside in now is much different than the space that I held while on that planet. There are things that may have been disturbing to many that I was around. I may have done things that you don’t understand and many don’t understand, but understand that this is something that was predetermined before I came to this place. Understand that you and many others may hold bad feelings or ill feelings towards the presence that I held here in this space, but from my perspective where I am now, what I have to explain is your feeling of what you would say, sorrow – that’s what I feel. But, from the place that I reside, the energy is so much different, and it is of a peaceful, loving energy. It is an understanding that we would like to have all those that are affected by anything in their lives from past loved ones, understand that this space that is held now is all of love and it is always of love. But, it is different when we are there, because it is an agreement that was made prior to our arrival, prior to our meeting. Please go and explain that there is only love, and I want to broadcast love from the space that I hold now, out into those that I’ve affected. Find peace in your heart, in your mind, in those around you, that it is only love. I know it’s difficult to understand that the time that I existed there may have been difficult. But, these are agreements. We all have made agreements. These were agreements for change. These things held space for change in each life that was affected. We hope that from this place that we look and observe that that change has taken effect or will take effect.”