A message from the Collective about diet, channeled 1/19/19:

“Find what is necessary for each physical being that is here on this planet. It may be necessary to change what you are consuming to aid in certain things that you are understanding. This may be on your spiritual path, this may be your existence here. It also may be a reason for changing your consumption of certain foods for health reasons, as you say. But understand that it is all individually guided. Find those things that…find those foods, those things that you consume that will aid you best. Begin change. See what works, see what doesn’t work, what will aid you in your existence here. You’ll find that certain foods that you consume do raise certain vibrations within you. There are those that will also lower or diminish this vibration. Begin to listen to your physical form, your body, as it is the truth-teller to what is needed in everyday existence. Understand that over-consumption of most anything can be harmful, but moderation, as you say it, is always the best. Understand that this physical form does have a pre-determined existence here on this planet, and yes, you can prolong it, but again, it does have a pre-determined time of existence here. So you may do everything that you perceive as being proper for its physical form and yet, it may be cut short. So, that’s not to say to live as you mean, but be mindful of the human form and provide it the nutrients that are needed for the best existence.”