The Collective describes how to connect with Source/Spirit.

Channeled 1/19/200

As your physical being begins to come in tune with your energetic being, there are physical attributes that do take place, and begin to shift in the physical body.  You begin to be attuned to certain frequencies.  Your body will begin to resonate, vibrate, at certain frequencies.  You will look at things, listen to music, interact with certain people, and your physical being will begin to vibrate.

Think of your physical being as an antenna.  A large antenna.  And it is drawing in frequencies from all around the planet.  But those that you are attuned to, you will begin to vibrate to.  As you become familiar with this vibration, allow yourself to relax into it.  And know, and have the understanding, that you are connecting with a higher being.  Whether that is yourself, or whether that is the being next to you, or beings that are not in existence here, there is information to be understood from all these connection points.  Allow yourself to vibrate in this frequency.  It is the channel by which all information is then processed and brought into you for understanding.  So, allow your antenna to be as tall as you possibly can.

As you do this, it will shift and change.  There is a process by which your physical being will go through.  Shifting and moving.  Do not be afraid of it.  The more you relax into these changes, the more effect it will have.  The higher your frequency will ascend, and the more information you will be provided with.   It may start with a tingle.  It may start with a full-body experience.  It may happen while you are sleeping.  It may happen while you are walking in the park.  But understand that this is your natural connection to all frequencies.  Your energetic being is tuning in.  Your physical being is catching up.  And as this process takes place, you begin to call this your “awakening” because you will start to experience more than just a vibration.  All your natural abilities that you’ve had as an energetic being will start to flow back in.  Do not be afraid of them, but accept them as who you are.  As the being of existence here. Then surround yourself with those that can assist you in the understanding of what is taking place.

Do not go it alone, because there is much to be understood, and it is difficult to understand by yourself.    Find those that have been through it, and surround yourself with those.  That is what we want you to understand.