A message from The Collective about the climate, Channeled 1/19/2019:

“The earth’s climate, as you observe it, is going through many changes. You may witness different things that are taking place. There are things that are beyond your control that are of a cyclic nature for this planet that resides here, in this space. Understand that these are things that happen repeatedly on this planet, but there are other things that are taking place by means of which the humans here have an effect on this climate. Things can change to aid in the protection of the climate, but understand that there is a natural course that this climate here on this planet has to take. Many things take place over millennia, over lifetimes, that you understand, that you witness, but know that you too can take a place in affecting the climate. Be aware of the things that you are doing, as we are witnessing the changes that are taking place. They will not take an overall effect that will harm the planet, but will have an adverse effect on the climate situations in specific areas. Many of you are concerned about the climate that exists here on this planet. It is sustainable and will be sustainable throughout your lifetime and many other lifetimes. It is self-healing. It does repair itself over time, but be cautious in the way you do handle your activities here on this planet. You can speed up or slow down these activities, these processes that naturally take place within the climate.”