A message from The Collective about changes within, channeled on 10/2/18

Please, no fear in anything that you are experiencing in your human form. There is a deeper and growing knowledge that is within you that you must put your understanding into. You on earth would call it faith. You are feeling a calling from things that surround you that don’t seem to fit the normal process of life but this is truly what is guiding you. There are those things that may anger you that are part of this government that you seek or see. But these are just distractions from allowing you to seek a deeper inner wisdom that will override what is out in front of you as you see it as human form. Take the understanding that anger is only something that you place on what you can’t control and what is not obtainable by you in human form. But there are many things that you can obtain in the form that you exist with your soul, your energy, your Spirit. Allow that to rise to the surface. And once that rises to the surface, that is what will govern and guide you. That will lead you to prosperity and oneness and wholeness. It is all around you. Listen to it. Understand it. There are changes to be made. Changes to understand. There are things to push aside and cast away, but it is those things that you find and you seek that bring you wholeness that you will find yourself on a path with.