The Collective responds to a question from the audience, channeled 1/19/2019.

Will we see significant positive change within our lifetime?

“These changes are currently taking place amongst everyone that is here in this space. There are things taking place within each and every one of you that you cannot deny. There are changes taking place; you’re questioning certain things of why they are coming into existence, why you are sensing different things, why things are taking place in your daily lives. Understand that these shifts are taking place. The energy throughout this planet is rising. We are all becoming One Collective. Continue to raise your understanding. Seek knowledge. Raise your love! Raise your vibration and you’ll begin to see greater changes within you and those around you. This will continue. There are others throughout this planet that are sensing the same things. They are growing, as well, and questioning, as well. These changes are taking place and will continue to take place and there will be significant change in each and every one that is here and throughout the planet, within your lifespans, as well as those of the children that you have – their lifespans.”