The Collective speaks about how to attune your body to Spirit.

Channeled 1/19/2020

Frequency is one method.  The vibrations of frequency. But as you become attuned to this, you too will then become an open channel for information.  It may flow through imagery.  It may flow through you as words.  Connections to others that have passed beyond.  Connection to those who have not been in existence here.  But you have to understand, it is a conditioning of the physical body.  This physical body.  What you have to understand is that this physical body is not designed to have all the frequencies in place at one particular time.

That is why you have come to this planet.  To experience this physical body.  This dense body.  But through a period of time, you can attune this body –this physical being- to all existence.  You can be an open channel for information that is freely flowing through all that is.  All aspects, all realms.  Past, present and future. You can dip your finger into it at any particular point and gain that knowledge.  You can go back into time and retrieve information that is only in the past.  [You can] push yourself out into the future, and change aspects of who you will be in the future.  But you will not do this immediately.

The physical being is not designed for such travel.  It has to be conditioned.  It has to be prepared.  The individual that sits in front of you did not just sit in a chair and start speaking for us.  There has been much time that has passed [to] allow his physical body to resonate at all frequencies, allowing it to flow through him in a way that is presented to you.  So allow yourself the time.  As you become aware of this, give yourself the time.  Remain in it.  Understand it.  And allow it to be who you are.