A Message from the Collective about Aging, channeled 1/26/19

“There is a period of time for which it (physical being) resides here on this planet and it goes through many changes throughout this period of time, as what you would call “age.” This is merely a time period and what you are experiencing are some of these changes taking place. They will ebb and flow. They will change and get better, but understand these are natural processes that take place over these periods of time. Shifting understanding and shifting perspective can aid in the well-being of the human form. As this takes place, understand that there are things that have taken place in the past that have an effect on the human form. This is the true nature of the human form. It’s not something that is here for extended periods of time. It is here to house the Spirit within, the, as you would say, soul that energizes and electrifies the human form. It is merely a vessel for this energy to reside in while it is here and learn the things that it is meant to understand while here on this planet…experience the physical attributes of what the physical form is here to do. These are things that the Spirit within has not the ability to understand or comprehend from where it actually has come from. Once it then leaves the human form and goes back to the overall collective that it once resides in, it will then know and understand a greater source of information from this lifetime, this being here on this planet.”