More on Abundance from The Collective, channeled 1/19/19:

“Abundance is something that is quite personal amongst everyone that is here on this planet. Understand that abundance is something that you already have! This abundance was given to you in the form of this planet and everything that takes place on this planet, in the form of the life that you are given here on this planet. Take a moment to stop and look at the abundance that you have around you, every minute of every day, and you will begin to realize that what you ask for already exists. If what you believe in abundance to be…wealth, or materialistic things that you obtain throughout your life here…this is a perspective that you have that others don’t have throughout this planet. It is not to say to give up these things, but it is to say to shift one’s perspective, one’s understanding of what abundance means, abundance is, and abundance will be. Reflect upon these things. At the moment that you were brought here to this planet, you were given all the abundance that you will ever need. That is the message that should be spread amongst everyone, is to take time to look within and you will see the greater abundance that is there within yourself, just beyond you, and out in this world. Change your perspective and everything else will change along with it.”