I am the only child of a single mother, raised in a small Wisconsin industrial town on the shores of Lake Michigan. My maternal grandmother lived with us, and the two of us forged a strong bond. It was she who infused me with a love of fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. I was not raised with any formal religious instruction –  in my experience, a church was simply a place for weddings and funerals. Throughout my childhood,  however, I sensed that there was a greater force providing me comfort, understanding, and protection. Though I sensed it, I did not completely understand it or know what to do with it. I just knew it was there.

By the time I entered high school, I had made up my mind that the Coast Guard was my calling. It was a way to serve others while also indulging my love of the water.

As I entered into my military career, I continued to experience this presence in my life, but the fast-pasted nature of the military suppressed many of those childhood sensations. That is, until the late 90’s, while stationed in Texas, when I found myself attending church with my wife for the first time. All of a sudden, those old sensations began to flood back in, and hard! I still wasn’t sure what it all meant, but something deep inside of me knew there was more to come. I would have to wait almost 10 more years to find out.

In 2014, I was finishing up my undergraduate degree and getting ready to tackle graduate school. I was also preparing to retire from the military after 26 years of service. During that time, I was being seen at the VA for chronic lower back issues, desperate for relief that didn’t involve drugs. Allison and I were raising two wonderful children, as well as hosting yearly exchange students from across Europe. By this time, we were no longer attending church, but life was good, and we were happy with the way things were progressing.

In the fall of that year, Allison was drawn to study Reiki, a healing modality that seemed to align with the healing ministry she had started in our church back in Texas. Naturally, she practiced on me, and I was willing to try anything that might provide relief for my back pain. Little did I know that, not only would my back pain diminish, I would experience the full awakening of that force that had been with me since childhood. It was as if someone pulled back the curtain and everything was new again! All of those sensations from childhood came flooding back in, with renewed vigor! Since then, I’ve developed a special relationship with the Collective, the team of loving Beings that has been with me all of my life. They speak to me and through me, guiding me – allowing me to help others who are on their own path to awakening.


“He is continually connected. We are always present with him. He is our portal to the information that we want to provide.”

Seek Your Purpose

Seek those things that bring you joy, the things that bring you passion and joy within every day! The things that bring you peace. This is the collective knowing of your purpose here. Once you are within your purpose, your energy will provide you that knowing, will reside within you in a vibration that you have not experienced before. Maintain this level of vibration, and you will continually be within [your] purpose.

Release All Fear

From the Collective, understand that there is nothing to be fearful of while here on this planet. For those that are within their energy and their knowing, there shouldn’t be any fear. There is only the true nature of Source energy and the love that it provides. And this is what we are here to provide, is this loving energy amongst all that are seeking.

You, Too, Are Guided

Understand that each and every one of you has a collective of Beings that surround you at all times and have surrounded you. If you call upon them, they will be there for answers. As you bring your energy level up, the pathway to these Beings is opened up and you then can bring forth this information and knowledge.