Who Is William?

Will is a gifted healer, intuitive, and empath who helps clients unlock their innate potential and uncover their own true path, their own true understanding. To work with Will and his guides in Spirit is to be bathed in the presence of Christ consciousness.

Understand that each one of you has a collective of Beings that surround you at all times. If you call upon them, they will be there for answers. Also know, as the collective energy of all those that are becoming aware of their potential, as it grows, as it becomes greater, a greater shift on this planet will take place. There will be peace!”  The Collective

What Clients Are Saying About William

I had a pet channeling with Will and Allison for my 15 yo shitzu Coco who is having serious health issues. There is so much I could say but I’ll try to keep it short. They fit me in within a few days which I was grateful for and they both create such a safe and loving space for healing.

Will was spot on with Coco’s energy and even described him as a wise old man which he absolutely is! He brought through valuable health information that is pertinent to deciding on Coco’s care and which direction to go.. which I had been struggling with immensely. Just getting to hear my baby speak is worth a million bucks and having more clarity on what he’s actually experiencing makes my life and his a little bit easier at this time.

Allison is a pro at asking relevant questions and intuiting what you didn’t know you needed to hear… An expert at steering the ship and such a loving heart.

Interestingly enough, Coco sprung back to life after the channeling. He even ate for the first time in days, went for a little walk and barked at other dogs which he hasn’t done in a long time. It’s like the life-force was breathed back into him!

We can’t thank you guys enough!

Tena D.

I had so many questions about my life. All of them were answered perfectly and beautifully, including glimpses into my future. I now feel so relaxed and at peace. Allison and Will are such a good team! I highly recommend Will’s channeling because of his ease of connection and communication with my guides and gate keeper.


My wife, Cheryl and I want to thank Allison and Will for the information that was gleaned from Cheryl through the abilities of Will. It was to the point and resonated with both our souls. It was our first surrogate experience and we both were very satisfied with the results. The questions we posed were addressed and the information received is going to help to guide us through a trying family situation. Personal questions for myself were also covered in the session. We are looking forward to visiting with them again via their website and are looking forward to reading Allison’s book as soon as we purchase it. Thank you both again.

Kevin B.

Will has so many gifts and has been the primary guide in my own discovery. If you are interested in exploring your own gifts, he will help you get started and guide you along your journey by providing training and growth opportunities, introductions to like-minded folks and experiences, and sharing knowledge and resources. Will is a genuinely caring person and is always available to help. My life is full of positive energy and love now. I’m also honing my skills to help other people and pay it forward.

Kris S.

Will literally spoke out the exact problems I had been facing that led to me requesting a healing in the first place, and it wasn’t what I thought would be spoken about but I’m glad he did! My Surrogate picked up on problems that she could feel were being dealt with during the session too and I got so much feedback after the session that has helped me to deal with grief, depression, fear/safety issues…almost like a permission slip to move forward, he has helped me to sever a lot of old energetic ties that no longer serve me, and it was incredible listening to the light language.

I feel like I received a kind of download that I can’t explain, but I’ve experienced relief and a different perspective relating to trauma and grief and I choose to receive that in gratitude so I can move forward in my life.

Thank you Will, Allison and Team for holding space for me; you are an amazing Healing Team!


Thank you both so so much!
I was having a lot of grief over the passing of both my cats that past away this year only 7 days apart after 15 years with me, William did such an amazing job, I instantly recognized them in his channeling, I cried as soon they came in. And he was so spot on.

I now feel them close with me again and it helped me so much to calm down the grieving process that was paralyzing me. They were like my children. William embodied them fully and it was magical how close I felt them with me and have them talk to me.
This was extremely helpful, I’m forever grateful for your service.

Patricia W.

What an interesting session today connecting directly to my higher-self, it was an eye opening experience. Answering the questions that were keeping me stressed and inside my head for a long time. Getting to finally feel a sense of relief and confirmation to my purpose on this planet. This has helped me to get much closer to my Divine path. The advice was spot on and helped me reach a place of understanding. I now have the opportunity to choose the path of my dream life and fulfill my mission here on earth. The most important thing for me was how I was holding myself to my current situation and what I needed to do in order to let that go. This has been a very profound experience and so simple to access. Thank you Allison and William for the work you do and to anyone wishing to discover the answers to your direction in life I would recommend this higher self channeling session. If you are reading this now the opportunity awaits.

Damien D.

My session with Will Brown was quite amazing and enlightening. My higher self came through and the information I received was quite surprising, especially the one about my life’s purpose, but also helpful on other aspects. Allison Brown conducted the session with mastery, changing, whenever needed, the order of my questions as the information was being given. She also asked other questions that weren’t on my list, so some important aspects of the information received through Will Brown’s channeling could be totally clarified.

Maria B.

William Is such a gifted channeler! My Session with William has brought forth so much clarity for my life, after our session I feel as that I can now trust myself and trust the guidance of my heart in a deeper way than before our session. If your reading these words and feel drawn and the hearts calling to having a session with William, I encourage you to trust that feeling, and book a session with William, you will be glad you made that decision!!

Darren C.

Will is the real deal! If you are looking for a place to rest your proverbial spiritual head– this is it! Will and his lovely wife Allison, are the true definition of kindness and dedication to their craft. Will has a true gift– connecting to almost anything asked of him. After my pet reading with my two doggie children, they are better behaved, more loving, and seemingly happier. I would recommend thier services to anyone for anything from personal spiritual development, to connecting to a loved one who has passed, to even connecting to entities in other dimensions. I do not write reviews like this often– so trust me on this. Anywhere you are on your path, these two can help!


I have experienced many readings, even from those who channel but this session was completely amazing. We were discussing ancestral aspects – as that is my work – but I wanted to confirm and gain greater detail on specific aspects of ancestry. This session was amazing… some facts validated, some new information revealed… and the opening of the door for even greater details and ways for me to continue to access information on my own after this session. I cannot say enough about how amazing this was!

Amy G.

Will is an incredibly and uniquely gifted trance medium that allowed me to connect to my higher self. The session was worth every penny. It is giving me new clarity and momentum to an early evolutionary life change that will be transformative to my life and, I sense, to the Universe. It gives me perspective regarding the long journey of my soul, and a resounding affirmation of my future. Get to know Will Brown now – it will be much more difficult to book him a decade from now. A gift to humanity from the Universe!

Dr. Jim Roach

Will and Allison are a phenomenal team! As Will went into a trance to channel my Higher Self, he provided invaluable information to me that was both enlightening and validating. As a moderator, Allison guided the questions with remarkable understanding and provided a sense of structure as the session flowed seamlessly. I highly recommend them for anyone who is interested in seeking guidance from higher consciousness!

Judy M.

Huge shout-out to Will for helping me have a much-needed conversation with my cats and Allison for organizing my thoughts and thinking of the best follow-up questions. I had been having issues with 4 cats who want nothing to do with one another. The old kitty was so grouchy, but through Will, she explained she’s actually a very happy cat. It’s interesting how my perception changed and how I now see how incredibly loving she truly is. Our two male kitties had nothing to do with one another and were spraying the house for territory. It’s been many months, but I have witnessed the transformation of tolerance into acceptance and except for the occasional outburst/spray, our home smells so much better! Thank you for providing this opportunity to see my cats through a whole new lens! The experience was awesome.

Samantha K



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